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Emerald Coast Security Agency is qualified to handle all your security needs.

Backed by more than 100 years of security experience, Emerald Coast Security Agency has the expertise to meet your security needs.

Our superior security services will add safety to your residential association, hospitality business, or special. Relying on comprehensive knowledge of state laws, security, and the local areas, all of our officers possess split-second problem-solving skills to prevent, deter, and detect criminal activity.

As a local family-operated private security agency, every customer receives personalized security service and direct contact with management. Formed in 2022 by Emerald Coast Natives Steven Royce, Natalie Royce, Marvin Royce, Jose Vasquez, and Tamara Vasquez, Emerald Coast Security Agency has established a reputation for delivering exceptional security services. We have accomplished this by becoming more than just a vendor to our client; we believe we have become partners.

Our Agency Mission:

Emerald Coast Security Agency is committed to providing a professional, personalized, and responsive security service through a proactive relationship with our clients. This is achieved by having a superior customer service relationship, strong integrity, and dependability which the client deserves.

Most important. Emerald Coast Security Agency was created with the belief of neighbors helping neighbors by Emerald Coast Natives to serve in Safeguarding Florida's Emerald Coast.

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