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Emerald Coast Security Agency officers are able to handle all of your security needs.


Emerald Coast Security Agency offers fully uniformed or business professional attire onsite Security Officers for all types of residential associations. Whether you desire an enforcement-style Class B uniform for your residential property, a blazer and tie for your condo building, bike patrol uniforms for your parking lot, or polos and slacks. Emerald Coast Security Agency has you covered


Whether your needs are for 24-hour coverage or less, Emerald Coast Security Agency will provide you with the most qualified and fully trained Security Officers possible.

Our Security Officers go through an extensive background check and multiple interviews prior to being selected to join the Emerald Coast Security Agency. Many of our Security Officers join our team with background training in Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Military, and Security. Security Officers are fully qualified and trained prior to being placed on assignment.

Due to the small size of our local agency, we are able to provide exceptional supervision of all of our officers. Our management team includes after-hours roving Officers providing complete supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within this management team, random inspections on all onsite Security Officers have been performed periodically and always unannounced. If any deficiencies are found with the officer, we immediately work with the officer to correct the problem. We are also always available for them as needed, for additional training, clarification, and backup.

All Emerald Coast Security Agency security officers are state-licensed security officers. We do not believe that the little training and testing required to be an unarmed security officer is adequate to ensure the safety of not only the officers but our clients as well.

We strive to provide the best service possible at the most reasonable price.

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